Insurance Procurement Services is a boutique insurance brokerage firm that offers a comprehensive portfolio of risk management consulting and insurance procurement solutions for corporate and individual clients. Our mission is to convert your risk into opportunities that create long-term efficiencies and wealth, which in turn helps you reach your financial goals. We achieve this through continuous focus and education on current market trends as well as researching and developing future concepts in planning and insurance design.

Insurance Procurement Services provides an array of services through our Strategic Partnership Program:

  • Case analysis
  • Strategy design
  • Product illustrations
  • Competition information

For Career employees we offer a turnkey solution for agents. Insurance Procurement will take care of:

  • Marketing
  • Carrier Appointments
  • Education/Training
  • Housing Overheads
  • Benefits
  • Production Incentives

If you would like to be a part of Insurance Procurement Services, email us at